From Linda Evans to Gary Clarke, 50 Stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age and Where They Are Now

While there isn’t a consensus of the timeframe of Hollywood’s Golden Age, what remains unarguable is the names that dominated the scenes for most of the 20th century. These actors and actresses were good at what they did—acting. And if you’re ever in doubt, their awards do the speaking.

From Linda Evans to Gary Clarke, this list features household names who have graced our screens and left their marks on the past and our hearts. And for those who may have missed these names in their heyday, you’ll be surprised to know they’re still in the business of turning scripts to film.

Maggie Smith (Born In 1934) – Downton Abbey

Featured in the much-anticipated 2022 movie “Downton Abbey: A New Era,” the iconic Dame Maggie Smith is a beloved English actress who’s been active since 1952. Younger viewers should recognize her not only for her portrayal of ‘Violet Crawley’ in “Downton Abbey” but also for her portrayal of ‘Professor Minerva McGonagall’ in the “Harry Potter” film series.

Smith’s success story, however, dates way back. Before “Downton Abbey” and “Harry Potter,” she was brilliant in productions such as “Gosford Park,” “A Room with a View,” and “Tea With Mussolini.” A versatile performer, she has also appeared in more than 70 plays.


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