50 Popular Celebrities With Incredible Net Worth, Here’s How They Built It

It’s no secret that celebrities and politicians make more money than us regular folk. Their star power and likeability are what they cash in on and that is what helps them amass huge fortunes. Even politics requires a certain charisma and if someone is good at their job and if people are willing to vote for them, they’ll continue to make money.
Many people on this list also make money via book deals, brand endorsements or media appearances. Want to know which person on this list makes money due to her pro-guns restaurant? Read ahead to find out.

Nicole Aniston – $2 Million

Websites like OnlyFans may have popularized subscription-based revenue for actors when they launched in 2016. But Nicole Aniston saw the potential earlier, launching her website in 2013. Considering that she was only four years into the acting scene, that’s some foresight and contributes to how she’s worth $2 million.

Aniston’s career kicked off with the company “Sticky Video.” However, she must have performed well because she worked with brands like “Brazzers” and “Reality Kings.” In 2021, she played the masseuse in “Dirty Masseur 21.” However, acting isn’t all she does because Aniston collaborated with the brand “Fleshlight” to produce a toy.

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