5 Easy Ways to Quickly Get Organized in 5 Minutes

1. Clear out your wallet

Over the years our wallets get full of old receipts, cards that you’re never going to use, coins that keep falling down and creating a hassle every time you open your wallet. Ask yourself if you really need to carry around all those gift cards and vouchers, and photos of your entire family members.  Start off by organizing your wallet. Put away all the junk, organize your money and cards, fill it with necessary things that you can actually need on a day to day basis. The rest can stay at home safely in a drawer.

2. Get hangers for your closets

Mentatdgt/ Pexels | Organize your closet to stop getting late to leave for the office everyday

You don’t need to buy a new closet as a new year resolution, instead stock yourself up with the same styled hangers and change your closet organization. According to organizational psychologists, using the same type of hangers avoids that exhaustion feeling whenever you open your wardrobe and feel like every item that you own is exploding out. If you own quite a few clothes, store your clothes according to the season. Keep only your winter wear out in winters and summer wear in summers.

3. Label your spices

Anna-pou/ Pexels | Don’t leave your spices misplaced and mislabelled

Tom Hermans/ Unsplash | once you label your items you once have to do it again for a long time

Labeling your pantry items saves you time and stops you from losing track of your grocery. Label your spices along with their expiration dates. If you’re refilling the jars, empty out the old contents and give make sure you have clean and dry bottles before refilling.

Rummaging through your entire spice cabinet takes hours, using this organization hack saves you time when you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time empty out your entire cupboard just to find one spice mix.

4. Use budgeting apps

Budget your finances according to your use and your income. Prioritize your bills, monthly installments or loans (if any), and education fees first. Set reminders or plug in an auto pay option in your account to pay your bills as soon as the month begins.

Be strict with your monthly budgets and save the money for your own future. You can use that money for a rainy day or use it as seed money for an investment. This is a great way to keep everything in check and order and save yourself from money related stress.

5. Clear out your desk drawer

Wendelin-jacober/ Pexels | Clean your desks to improve productivity

Desk drawers are storage spaces that get filled to brim sooner than we realize. Before you know it, your drawer is full of old sentimentally important trash that you’re never going to use. Throw out the unnecessary items such as missing socks, torn up pieces of papers, old reminders or used sticky notes, and every other item that keeps your drawers from closing.

6. Store away!

Cottonbro/ Pexels | the most storage is usually taken by books and albums

Storage boxes are the cheapest and affordable things one could get. They are available at every local store, even at some supermarkets but incase you don’t want to spend on boxes you can always make one with extra shoe boxes or moving boxes laying around. Fill those up with things you seldom use or things that cover up a lot of your closet space. These boxes could be stored anywhere, under your bed or the back of closet.

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