35 Photos That Show How Living In The South Is Fun 24/7

Talk About This Trio

Holding hands together, we can see three country girls posing for their fourth friend in a jolly mood. Their standing sequence is arranged according to their heights, and it would have been better if the shortest girl had been at the front.

All of them are wearing cropped camisoles looking fantastic on their toned physiques. As per the Fashion At Brown website, wearing a crop top in the South disowns the propagation of stereotypes in its history. The first and the third girl wore the same hairdo, whereas the one in the middle didn’t have a ponytail. Another hairstyle for the girls of this age is called pigtails.


Right For The Postcard?

Country girls know very well how to flaunt their hard-earned physiques. The attractive girl in the picture should be on a postcard to encourage the tourists to visit and explore the beauty of the South.

She seems to be a model with her toned legs and sun-kissed complexion. Her brown boots stand in perfect contrast with her white shirt. She completed her funky look with a wristband and a tattoo on the waist. You would be surprised to know that American women own 19 pairs of footwear on average!


The Huge Splash

The photographer needs an award for such a timely captured moment where a happy girl is about to dive into the mud pool. The question is, why is the crowd around to judge how the girl takes a mud bath? Perhaps this is some competition or a fair.

But it still seems safer to dive in the mud pool than diving into the water pool from the roof formed around these people. But after all, it is about being happy only when you love in the South. Mud bath is more common in areas where hot spring water can combine with volcanic ash.


Not Ready To Lose

We can see mutton busting in the photo. It is a process where kids are trained to ride a bull with their initial sessions of practice on a sheep. Though the boy is doing his best, the sheep seems in no mood to let him stay.

The boy is underdressed for the sport, and we do not see any safety on his head. His expressions show that he will be riding a bull soon since he knows how to stick to the place. You must understand that mutton busting is a rodeo event for small children weighing under 50 to 60 pounds.


Late For The Venue

We see such scenes when the bride tries to take a shortcut to reach the church as she got already late at the salon. Or it happens when the couple plans their nuptials in Redneck Mud Park. Whatever the reason is, we are pretty sure about one thing the ceremony is going to be the talk of the town.

Two men accompany the wife-to-be, possibly the event planners, committed to making her special day exceptional. The ceremony ends with a kiss because, according to ancient Rome, the kiss is a legal bond that seals the contract.


Is The King Coming?

We might see this cooking on a TV show like “Vikings” or “Game Of Thrones.” The dish is something that a host would pull out when he knows that the king or someone else important is coming to town for a visit. But in fact, this is another Saturday night in the Southern United States.

This method comes from Germany and is known as a Schwenker. It’s a swinging grill where a Schwenker steak is grilled. It’s well documented that the first German settlers in America cooked so in Pennsylvania in 1683.

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